Uses Of Data Control In V.B.

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Published: 11th May 2011
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V.B. stands for Visual Basic. Visual Basic provides various tools for creating and accessing data base.the two measure tools are :-

1. The data control

2 .The data access object

The data control gives you access to database without any programming. You can set a few properties of the control and use regular controls such as text boxes to display the values of the fields it the database. This is the no code approach to data base programming. But this approach canít take you far. Sooner or later, you will have to write code.

The data access object is a structure of objects for accessing database through your code. All the functionality of the data control is also available to your code through the data access object.

Using data control

You can use the data control to create applications that can display, edit and update information from many types of existing data base, including microsoft access, dBase, Microsoft foxpro and paradox.You can also use it to access Microsoft access, lotus 1- 2-3 and standard ASCII text files as if they were true databases. In addition, the data control allows you to access and manipulate remote Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) database such as Microsoft SQL server and Oracle.

The data control implements data access by using the Microsoft JET database engine, the same database engine that powers Microsoft Access. This technology gives you seamiess access to many standard database formats and allows you to crate data aware applications without writing any code.

The data control can perform the following tasks without the use of any code:-

1. Data control connect to the local or remote data base

2. Open a specify database table or define a set records based on a structured query language(SQL) query of the table in the database.

3. Pass data fields to bound controls, where you can display and change the values.

4. Add new records or update a database based on any changes you make to data displayed in the bound controls.

5. Data controls also provide the facility to trap errors that occurs as data is accessed from database.

6. It also closes the database without any coding

Properties Of Data Control:-

After you place a data control on a form in the visual basic you must set its properties. By default the Name and Caption are set to Data 1.First change the name property, using "dat" as itís the character prefix the caption appears inside the control.

Then set the database name property. This property specifies the name of the database that the data control will access. Give the name of the file that contains data.

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