File Handling In ASCII And Binary File

25th October 2011
Abstractly, a file is a collection of bytes stored on a secondary storage device, which is generally a disk of some kind. The collection of bytes may be interpreted, for example, as characters, words, lines, paragraphs and pages from a textual document; f... Read >

File Handling In C++ Language

21st September 2011
File Handling In this section, we will discuss about files which are very important for large-scale data processing. Data are stored in data files and programs are stored in program files. A file is simply a machine decipherable storage media where prog... Read >

Uses Of Data Control In V.B.

11th May 2011
V.B. stands for Visual Basic. Visual Basic provides various tools for creating and accessing data base.the two measure tools are :- 1. The data control 2 .The data access object The data control gives you access to database without any programming.... Read >